Individualized clinical decision support for mental health disorders

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mehealth« clinical decision support software enables clinicians to deliver individualized quality care and optimize clinical outcomes.

mehealth« offers clinicians a simple and intuitive way of monitoring patients’ treatment and progress over time. Each individual’s characteristics and preferences are taken into account to provide a patient centric approach at the point of care. Evidence based, context specific guidance informs individualized clinical decisions to improve the quality and safety of patient care, reduce costs and streamline care processes.

“Like the GPS in a car, mehealth«; provides me with the information I need to plan an individualized treatment path so that each of my patients can reach the desired destination; an optimal care outcome. If a patient strays off course because of poor treatment response, side effects or poor treatment adherence, the software suggests evidence based treatment options to bring them safely back on track and progress to the desired end-point of care.” The ultimate GPS for Healthcare™.

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